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2018 Stats

Am feeling ill (a persistent cold/sore throat) and stuck (on a script) so I decided to run the numbers for this year.

While still mostly a nightmare politically, personally, 2018 was fairly productive. To Wit:

ARTIFICE: 6 (Count 'em- 6!) Full productions

LINEAGE: 1 Staged Reading

SHORTS & ONE ACTS: 10 full productions; 3 staged readings

PUBLICATIONS: 8 short plays or monologues included in various anthologies, 5 of which accepted in the annual "Best Of" series.

ASSOCIATIONS: Became a member of Ensemble Studio Theater's Playwright's Unit and I'm currently enrolled in UCLA Professional Writer's Program.

SUBMISSION COUNT (to date): 252

ACCEPTANCE RATIO: ??? I suck at math.

BLOG ENTRIES: 1 (Definitely room for improvement here.)

Happy Holidays and Write On!

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