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A lonely librarian forms a rag tag book club to vie for a coveted award. To win, she must conquer her crippling shyness, fight an evil trophy wife, charm a reclusive author, disarm a bitchy movie star, beat felony kidnapping charges and survive the wrath of a ruthless Hong Kong crime syndicate. (Feature; Comedy)


Finalist; Top 50 - Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Finalist; Top 25 - Creative Screenwriting

2nd Round Pick - Austin Film Festival


An acerbic lawyer is forced to attend a “Driver Intervention Weekend” where she will risk life, limb and a classic ‘65 Alfa Romeo to infiltrate a religious theme park, expose a Mexican drug cartel, battle a Christian militia, and make it back to "Drunk Camp" before bed check. (Feature; Comedy)

2nd Round Pick - Austin Film Festival


After a very public meltdown, a spoiled Soap Opera star attempts to rehab her image by volunteering to build low-income housing in small town Appalachia, where her piss poor attitude threatens to ruin the charity, her career, and her (possibly last) chance at love. (Feature; Comedy)

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