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One Acts & Shorts - Reviews

Tales Of Terror for Today's Woman

"A comically bizarre movement piece depicting childhood monsters from an adult’s frame of mind."



"By far my favorite play of the entire evening. Hilarity and horror come together in this experimental, episodic nightmare on adulthood. It had the pace and absurdity of a fever dream... very over the top, establishing a surrealist tone that was both funny and terrifying. Good writing meets excellent execution in this outrageous piece."



"KARMA is impressive not only for its sharp wit and clever dialogue, but for its sheer dedication to its concept. "

- City Paper; Philadelphia, PA


“Karma veers into the surreal... very funny."


Doing Lunch

"Guaranteed to get you laughing."

- Tolucan Times, Burbank, CA


Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory


"A wild ride... this writer has a flare for fun."

- Little Black Dress Ink


Ava Maria

“Rich with laughter.”

- The Union Recorder


The Conversation

"A farce good for some laughs."




"Audience Favorite!" - Eastbound Theater


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