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4 Women; 4 Men.  Unit set.  Approximate running time:  100 minutes.


Struggling artist Payne Showers finally gets his Big Break. He dies. Fortunately, Payne's death inflates the value of his work. Unfortunately, his estranged wife, Maggie, must sell it all to avoid bankruptcy. The private auction at Maggie's country house is in full swing when we learn that one guest may be a murderous gangster, another a gun toting psychopath, and a winter storm threatens to keep the entire party housebound. Then Payne Showers walks through the door.


AWARDS: Reva Shiner Award,  McLaren Memorial Comedy Award,   Mountain Playhouse International Comedy Award, Dayton Future Fest Competition (Finalist).


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"Light, breezy, clever and fun... Anne Flanagan’s quirky script, wastes no time immersing its audience in the world of egotistical artists, conniving dealers and vengeful wealthy patrons. It’s the perfect setting for intrigue and a bit of misdirection comedy." 

- Herald Times


Drama; Dark Comedy


3 - 4  Women; 3 Men.  Unit set.  Approximate running time: 90 minutes


Jess and Greg want to adopt La Tonya's baby. La Tonya wants to be a good Christian - and make a ton of money selling product on the Sacred Shopping Network. La Tonya's estranged son Trey wants a second chance after his three strikes and Greg's daughter Madison wants... whatever - none or your business.  Lineage challenges stereotypes as it confronts issues of race, adoption, religion, heredity and the often mistaken or disappointed expectations we have of one another.


Winner - Strange Sun Theatre's Greenhouse Project (2016)
Finalist - Henley-Rose Award (2015)
Semi-Finalist - ARHO Shakespeare's Sister Fellowship (2015)



Dark Holidays

Nine holidays.  Three stabbings. One epic rap battle.




Dark Holidays is a compilation of nine comedic shorts designed to get you through the year. 


It can be performed with a maximum of 30 actors (12F, 6 M, 11 open), a minimum of 7 actors (3F, 2M, 2 open) or, obviously, anywhere in between. 


Flexible/Minimal set. Running time is approx. 80 minutes.

Skirts by Anne Flanagan




SKIRTS is a full length collection of award winning, comedic plays for women (or those identifying as such.)


Poking fun at the foibles of females and subtly skewering chauvinism, SKIRTS can be performed with a minimum cast of 4; a maximum cast of 24, or (obviously) anywhere in between.  For those seeking to create more avenues for women on stage, SKIRTS is an ideal vehicle.

Flexible/Minimal set.  Total Running time - approx. 93 minutes

As seen on the Eddy:

"Flanagan's sharply defined portrayals of dorky girls, cynical/crazy women and industry types... is a showcase for [her] considerable talents, and the profusion of wicked one-liners is enormously entertaining."   

L. A. Weekly

Skirts by Anne Flanagan

Death, Sex and Elves



This darkly funny, often existential collection of one acts explores fate and destiny, love and sex, hope and murder and, of course, elves.

Death, Sex and Elves can be performed with a minimum cast of six (3 Women, 3 Men); a maximum cast of 31 (14 Women, 11 Men, 6 gender open); or, obviously, anywhere in between.

Flexible/Minimal set.  Total Running time - approx. 90 minutes

First Chill




3 Women.  Unit set.  Approximate running time: 1 hour, 35 minutes.


Clara Scott, a former English teacher, now suffers from early onset Alzheimer's disease.  Her adult daughters, Shelly and Fiona are faced with the difficulty of caring for their Mother as they struggle with the question that, had Clara known ahead of time she'd fall victim to this disease, would she have chosen to keep living?


AWARDS: Julie Harris Playwright's Award.  Playwright's Theater "Plays for the 21st Century" Award.

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