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I am increasingly perplexed by the Trumpettes who are still

celebrating their win over the "Smug Elite."

From what I gather, they equate "elite" with a high income and an advanced education. As a public school teacher and playwright, I barely have an income at all - and I know many of my peers are economically struggling - and yet we vehemently oppose Deplorable Rump.


Because we ARE educated. We KNOW some shit. And we know Rump is a nightmare for this country.

And SO, to those who equate education with elitism:

When you are diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, you'll see your pastor instead of a pompous MD, Right?

When your loved one loses an arm in an industrial mishap, you'll suck it up rather than consult a stuck up attorney, Yeah?

When your Grandchild proves to have dyslexia, you'll toss 'em a Speak and Spell in lieu of employing a snobby reading specialist, Agreed?

When your spouse is suicidal due to crippling depression, you'll buy them Chicken Soup for the Soul over paying a hoity toity psychiatrist, Yes?

When your house is lost in a flood or your drinking water is poisoned or your air is too polluted to breathe, you'll conclude shit happens instead of supporting those conceited scientists and environmentalists who vainly tried to counteract these calamities, Won't Ya?

When your entire existence is threatened by a Nuclear War that a sociopathic, reactionary, opportunistic narcissist dragged us into, you'll go gladly into that toxic night, comforted by the fact that you won this Pyrrhic victory (look it up) over the so called Smug Elite, Right?

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