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Social Consciousness

HEATHER is in her early 20s. A fashion model, she poses in front of a mirror, holding

several outfits in front of her. Though she talks to her friend, her eyes never leave her

own reflection.


Amber, you just have to help me pick out something to wear for the awards show.

Hmmm? Oh, I can't remember-- which is the music one? The Grannies, right?

I don't want to look too... you know. I was thinking maybe something sort of loose? And sheer? And white?

What?! BLACK?! Amber! I don't wear black anymore! I thought you knew!

Black is just so... sad. It's just so .... black. It's like witches and funerals and fat people trying to dress thinner. Seriously, Amber, I got rid of everything.

Well, no, not the Pradas - 'cause they're more like charcoal grey and anyway, they're Pradas.

Really, Amber, modeling for the Armani show in Calcutta totally changed me. I know people think I’m shallow ‘cause I’m a model and I'm like beautiful and Amber, I think they were sort of right. When I look way back in my past, like to last year, I see I was this totally empty, clueless - but still really pretty - girl. Now I’m like so aware - thanks to my breasts.

No, I’m serious. On my flight to Calcutta - my breast implants? They like totally exploded!

Yes! I didn't know things like altitude and air pressure would affect them, but I guess it does!

I was watching the in-flight movie - - something with Julia Roberts -- what is it with her? She always looks like she's just been slapped. So, I heard this "pop!" and at first I thought "Oh, goody, champagne!" but then I looked down and it was me!


And you know, Amber, Calcutta isn't like Beverly Hills. Uh uh. The people there are like totally poor. I think poor people are really sad. They're just so....poor. It's sad. Like they don’t have any money at all.

In Calcutta they don't have malls or cable or anything, so I couldn't find a plastic surgeon for days and I had to walk around with these deflated sacks just hanging - like those old women? With the baskets on their heads? On the Travel Channel?

You know, I think old people are really sad....they're just so...old. It's sad.

God, Amber, we should be so thankful we're not old. I think it’s important to count your blessings. I do. I don’t take things for granted anymore, everyday I thank God and the Universe that I’m not old. I mean, I also give thanks that I’m not fat and that I landed the Revlon contract, but not being old is a big one.

So anyway, in Calcutta I finally found a doctor to do an emergency implant but I had to go to a public clinic and wait with all these like people with like bandages and missing fingers and flies on them and blind people – and I think blind people are really sad...they're just so...blind... like they can't see anything.... at all.

I was sitting there waiting and I started to get pretty bummed out 'cause of my breasts and the blind people and I was missing Giorgio's after party and then I said "Gee, Heather" -

Well, I didn't say it out loud, you know, 'cause that would be kind of crazy and I think crazy people are just really sad but I said it like in my head, "Gee, Heather, you live in this totally plastic world of fake breasts and Botox and three thousand dollar socks and there's sadness all around you!" And I thought, "Wait a minute - I can make a difference!" And I can, Amber, 'cause people know me, see, 'cause they like see my picture on... things - and people sort of look up to me like they do the President or Lady Gaga, so I realized I could take action, you know?

I realized I could wake up and set an example. I realized I could DO something. I could do something brave and radical and daring to end sadness in this world. So that's why, Amber. That's why I'm making this incredible sacrifice.

That's why I'm no longer wearing black.

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